Monday to Friday


1 hour group walk £12.00  for one dog

Each Additional Dog £7.00

One to one 30 minute walk local to home for reactive dogs     £30.00

Puppy visit 30 minute call in feed and play – walk after vaccinations £12.00

Puppy Consultations £45.00  -If you are thinking about becoming the owner of a puppy, I can offer advice on what breed of puppy may suit your life style, what to expect from a breeder, things you need to know about a puppy’s development, the best ways to settle puppy into it’s new home.


  • Jumping up
  • Lunging, barking at other dogs or people
  • Toileting indoor
  • Pulling on lead
  • Not coming back when called
  • Chewing your belongings
  • Counter surfing
  • Begging
  • Your dog doesn’t like to be left on it’s own
  • or any other issues

One to One Training Packages available tailored to you and your dogs individual needs.

Free initial consultation

Package 1 for 1 x session £60 

Package 2 for 3 x sessions £150

Package 3 for 5 x sessions £225

Included in the package is a free initial consultation. A written report, plan and membership to our facebook customer support page.

Ready, steady, catch.

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