A friendly, professional and reliable service.

Walks available in a group or one to one.

Bark and Stride is run by Sammi, who has over 35 years experience of owning and walking dogs

I have a keen interest in canine behaviour and like every dog to have an enjoyable positive experience. I am a Canine Body Language Specialist and a Puppy Training Certified Specialist. I have a passion for helping reactive dogs, finding ways to help them gain confidence and be more comfortable in themselves. I use positive reward and do not believe in physical or emotional punishment. I focus on the behaviour I’d like and reward it, and by building a positive calm relationship with the dogs.

For group walks I try to carefully match the dogs together to ensure they feel comfortable  and enjoy each others company. Just like people, they don’t get on with everyone all the time, so it is important to get the group dynamics right. Filling the dogs with positive experiences is my priority.

I am also trained as a ‘Canine First Responder’ and able to give first aid if the need arises.


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