Jo Fifer 20.10.2020

Freddie met Sammi when he was 6 months old. He was a boisterous puppy who did not practically like strangers. When Sammi walked in on the first meeting he took one look at her, sat down and was as quiet as a mouse. We knew then this was going to work. Her interaction with Freddie right from the beginning was just lovely to see. 
Freddie has now been with Sammi for over 5 years. We really appreciate that she takes time to vary his walks, plays games, introduces him to other dogs, reinforces training and puts pictures of his antics on Facebook. He is so excited to go out with her and her packs, comes back happy and tired after running around woods and fields and finds all the muddiest puddles around. In addition, her knowledge regarding all aspects of canine care is extensive and helpful.  The peace of mind in knowing that Freddie is well cared for is priceless. 
Sammi is professional, reliable, dependable and loving and when Freddie was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of two we knew she would be vigilant and responsible and we could relax knowing he was in the best hands we could ask for.  We couldn’t recommend her highly enough


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  1. My 15 month old Bulldog Betsy had not really had a lot of experience with other dogs. So Bark and Stride was the perfect solution for her to meet, walk & enjoy other dogs company. Betsy didn’t really go any further than the front path without her stubbornness kicking in and deciding not to walk. But Sammi & Sara convinced her otherwise. Betsy was picked up and off she went. From all accounts Betsy absolutely loved her time with the other dogs. She even went off the lead! Something I’d hadn’t tried. Both Sammi & Sara are both professional, caring & most importantly dog lovers and I trust them implicitly with Betsy. I shall most definitely be using them on a regular basis from now on. Thank you to you both from me & Betsy.

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  2. Reviewed on our Facebook page.

    Max Reid reviewed Bark and Stride – 5 star
    1 June at 11:38 ·
    For the last 5 months we’ve been using Bark and Stride’s services and can’t rate them highly enough. Really accommodating with extra walks if needed and they take into consideration the needs of each dog. Jasper’s been with them since a puppy and he’s clearly loved every minute of it and will continue to do so. They’ve been fantastic in sharing their knowledge and training tips too and even got Jasper loving bouncing around in water �. Thank you so much 🙂 xx

    Bark and Stride
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