We love to go on a variety of walks in the local area. Abbott’s Wood and Park Wood are regularly visited, but we also enjoy trips to Laughton Common Wood, Hoad Wood in Chiddingly and fun in the fields off the Cuckoo Trail. We explore and love to find new routes around the wood, making the experience varied and walk as relaxed, calm and fun. The dogs are matched by their personality and walks provide a safe place for a less confident dog to build his confidence by enrichment and positive reward. 

Towards the end of 2020 and the beginning of this year some new pups have joined our walks. I manage their integration by matching them with the group. Some puppies require one to one work initially, whilst others happily join the group straight away.

This is two young dogs in a typical play stance. Dogs love nothing more than a good play, they run, wrestle, mouth and can be quite vocal. Play should be mirrored and equal. I make sure all dogs are comfortable and one is not taking advantage of the other. Any size of dog can play together and it is lovely to see larger dogs gently interact with their smaller friends.

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