Meet the Gang

The reason I use the word gang, as opposed pack, is that the word pack is often used in a negative way. On some occasions when I am walking, I get told that the dogs will act as a pack. I often have to explain to people that domestic dogs coming together from various homes do not act as a pack. The word pack gives people the image of the dogs working together in order to attack their prey, so when we are out some people think a group of dogs will attack their dog. This is not the case, it is true that some dogs are more reactive than others, but I have never witnessed the rest of the dogs joining in when one of the others bark or go to chase another dog. A pack of wolves work co-operatively and is made up of family members which has little resemblance to a group of dogs who meet to go out together for fun. When we are out walking, I will distract the dogs and change direction if we come across another dog. I do feel it can be overwhelming for a loan dog, with their owner, to have several approaching them at once.


Sniffing is one of our favourites
Smudge has lots to say
Onyx and Pogo, love to play fight!
What’s Freddie spotted?
Alfie on a mission
Watching the swans
Crossing Bridges
Splashing around

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